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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2007Forecasting the Bayes factor of a future observationTrotta, R
1-Jan-2007A rapid reaction analysis of uracil DNA glycosylase indicates an active mechanism of base flippingBellamy, SRW; Krusong, K; Baldwin, GS
1-May-2007The evolution of magnetic tower jets in the laboratoryCiardi, A; Lebedev, SV; Frank, A; Blackman, EG; Chittenden, JP, et al
24-Dec-2007Dependence of antibody gene diversification on uracil excisionDi Noia, JM; Williams, GT; Chan, DTY; Buerstedde, J-M; Baldwin, GS, et al
1-Jul-2007Implications for the Constrained MSSM from a new prediction for b to s gammaRoszkowski, L; Austri, RRD; Trotta, R
28-Feb-2007Melanesian mtDNA complexity.Friedlaender, JS; Friedlaender, FR; Hodgson, JA; Stoltz, M; Koki, G, et al
15-Feb-2007Shock compression response of nanoiron powder compactDai, C; Eakins, D; Thadhani, N; Liu, JP
1-Dec-2007Progression of Plasmodium berghei through Anopheles stephensi is density-dependentSinden, RE; Dawes, EJ; Alavi, Y; Waldock, J; Finney, O, et al
17-Jul-2007Multiscale model of electronic behavior and localization in stretched dry DNABarnett, RL; Maragakis, P; Turner, A; Fyta, M; Kaxiras, E
1-Jul-2007Classifying vortices in S= 3 Bose-Einstein condensatesBarnett, R; Turner, A; Demler, E