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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2005Indication for primordial anisotropies in the neutrino background from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and the Sloan digital sky surveyTrotta, R; Melchiorri, A
1-Sep-2005Generating optimal states for a homodyne Bell testDaffer, S; Knight, PL
1-Jan-2005Signatures of molecular structure in the strong-field response of aligned moleculesLein, M; de Nalda, R; Heesel, E; Hay, N; Springate, E, et al
7-Nov-2005Genetic covariance between indices of body condition and immunocompetence in a passerine birdGleeson, DJ; Blows, MW; Owens, IPF
1-Apr-2005Measurement-induced localization of relative degrees of freedomCable, H; Knight, PL; Rudolph, T
1-Feb-2005Vibrational coherent quantum computationPaternostro, M; Kim, MS; Knight, PL
14-Apr-2005Cooling many particles at onceBeige, A; Knight, PL; Vitiello, G
1-Mar-2005Engineering gene networks to emulate Drosophila embryonic pattern formationIsalan, M; Lemerle, C; Serrano, L
12-Jul-2005Entanglement in coined quantum walks on regular graphsCarneiro, I; Loo, M; Xu, XB; Girerd, M; Kendon, V, et al
26-May-2005Superconducting and charge–density wave instabilities in ultrasmall-radius carbon nanotubesBarnett, R; Demler, E; Kaxiras, E