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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2004Improving single-photon sources via linear optics and photodetectionBerry, DW; Scheel, S; Sanders, BC; Knight, PL
8-Apr-2004WMAP constraints on varying alpha and the promise of reionizationMartins, CJAP; Melchiorri, A; Rocha, G; Trotta, R; Avelino, PP, et al
5-Apr-2004Cell surface organization of stress-inducible proteins ULBP and MICA that stimulate human NK cells and T cells via NKG2DEleme, K; Taner, SB; Onfelt, B; Collinson, LM; McCann, FE, et al
1-Jul-2004Thermal spin flips in atom chipsRekdal, PK; Scheel, S; Knight, PL; Hinds, EA
10-Jan-2004On the preparation of pure states in resonant microcavitiesRekdal, PK; Skagerstam, BSK; Knight, PL
1-Mar-2004Quantum discontinuity for massive spin-3/2 with a Lambda termDuff, MJ; Liu, JT; Sati, H
27-Apr-2004Complementarity of the Maldacena and Karch-Randall picturesDuff, MJ; Liu, JT; Sati, H
15-Aug-2004Propagating quantum walks: the origin of interference structuresKnight, PL; Roldan, E; Sipe, JE
1-Jul-2004Photonic crystals and inhibition of spontaneous emission: an introductionAngelakis, DG; Knight, PL; Paspalakis, E
31-Dec-2004Malliavin calculus and ergodic properties of highly degenerate 2D stochastic Navier--Stokes equationHairer, M; Mattingly, JC; Pardoux, E