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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2001Microwave surface resistance in MgB2Zhukov, AA; Cohen, LF; Yates, K; Perkins, GK; Bugoslavsky, Y, et al
19-Nov-2001Intercellular transfer and supramolecular organization of human leukocyte antigen C at inhibitory natural killer cell immune synapsesCarlin, LM; Eleme, K; McCann, FE; Davis, DM
1-Jul-2001Atoms interacting with intense, high-frequency laser pulses: Effect of the magnetic-field component on atomic stabilizationde Aldana, JRV; Kylstra, NJ; Roso, L; Knight, PL; Patel, A, et al
1-Jun-2001Localizing an atom via quantum interferencePaspalakis, E; Knight, PL
30-Jul-2001Subsystem purity as an enforcer of entanglementBose, S; Fuentes-Guridi, I; Knight, PL; Vedral, V
1-Jan-2001Copying of entangled states and the degradation of correlationsMasiak, P; Knight, PL
1-Jul-2001Coherent phenomena in photonic crystalsAngelakis, DG; Paspalakis, E; Knight, PL
23-Jul-2001Quantum discontinuity between zero and infinitesimal graviton mass with a Lambda termDilkes, FA; Duff, MJ; Liu, JT; Sati, H
6-Sep-2001Quantum M-2 -> 2 Lambda/3 discontinuity for massive gravity with a Lambda termDuff, MJ; Liu, JT; Sati, H
21-Aug-2001Complementarity of the Maldacena and Randall-Sundrum picturesDuff, MJ; Liu, JT