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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2003On agent-mediated electronic commerceHe, M; Jennings, NR; Leung, H
14-May-2007A randomized method for the shapley value for the voting gameFatima, SS; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR
1-Mar-2001Automated Negotiation: Prospects, Methods and ChallengesJennings, NR; Faratin, P; Lomuscio, AR; Parsons, S; Sierra, C, et al
31-Aug-2002A hybrid model for sharing information between fuzzy, uncertain and default reasoning models in multi-agent systemsLuo, X; Zhang, C; Jennings, NR
1-Dec-2002Using similarity criteria to make issue trade-offs in automated negotiationsFaratin, P; Sierra, C; Jennings, NR
31-Jan-2003A Classification Scheme for Negotiation in Electronic CommerceLomuscio, AR; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR
31-Dec-2001A Classification Scheme for Negotiation in Electronic CommerceLomuscio, A; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR; Dignum, F; Sierra, C
1-Apr-2005A comparative study of game theoretic and evolutionary models for software agentsFatima, S; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR
1-Dec-2003Ensuring consistency on the joint beliefs of interacting agentsPaurobally, S; Cunningham, J; Jennings, NR
30-Sep-2003Concurrent bi-lateral negotiation in agent systemsNguyen, TD; Jennings, NR