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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2016A distinct sortase SrtB anchors and processes a streptococcal adhesin AbpA with a novel structural property.Liang, X; Liu, B; Zhu, F; Scannapieco, FA; Haase, EM, et al
9-Dec-2016Structural and functional studies of Escherichia coli Aggregative Adherence Fimbriae (AAF/V) reveal a deficiency in extracellular matrix bindingJ√łnsson, R; Liu, B; Struve, C; Yang, Y; Jenssen, H, et al
7-Aug-2018Structural basis of phosphatidic acid sensing by APH in apicomplexan parasitesDarvill, N; Blake, T; Rouse, S; Hammoudi, P-M; Benjamin, S, et al
13-Apr-2018T7 phage factor required for managing RpoS in Escherichia coliTabib-Salazar, A; Liu, B; Declan, B; Burchell, L; Qimron, U, et al
7-May-2018A rapid colorimetric method to visualize protein interactionsLiu, B; Wang, Z; Lan, L; Yang, Q; Zhang, P, et al
9-May-2017Full shut-off of Escherichia coli RNA-polymerase by T7 phage requires a small phage-encoded DNA-binding proteinTabib-Salazar, A; Liu, B; Shadrin, A; Burchell, L; Wang, Z, et al