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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2018Propagation of chaos for the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck equation with a polynomial cut-offCarrillo de la Plata, J; Choi, Y-P; Salem, S; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-Sep-2018Towards scaleā€up of graphene production via nonoxidizing liquid exfoliation methodsStafford, JP; Patapas, A; Uzo, N; Matar, OK; Petit, C
11-Jan-2019Use of synchrotron-based radiography to diagnose pulsed power driven wire explosion experimentsTheocharous, SP; Bland, SN; Yanuka, D; Rososhek, A; Olbinado, MP, et al
21-Sep-2018High propylene selective metal-organic framework membranes prepared in confined spaces via convective circulation synthesisHuang, K; Wang, B; Chi, Y; Li, K; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
25-Jul-2018High-yielding 18F radiosynthesis of a novel oxytocin receptor tracer, a probe for nose-to-brain oxytocin uptake in vivoBeard, R; Singh, N; Grundschober, C; Gee, AD; Tate, EW
1-Jul-2018Frost and leaf-size gradients in forests: global patterns and experimental evidenceLusk, CH; Clearwater, MJ; Laughlin, DC; Harrison, SP; Prentice, IC, et al
12-Oct-2018Ecology and biogenesis of functional amyloids in pseudomonasRouse, SL; Matthews, SJ; Dueholm, MS; Wellcome Trust; Medical Research Council (MRC)
21-Aug-2018Preparation and characterisation of heterobimetallic copper-tungsten hydride complexesHicken, A; White, AJP; Crimmin, MR
Sep-2018Continuous carbon nanotube synthesis on charged carbon fibersAnthony, DB; Sui, X; Kellersztein, I; De Luca, H; White, E, et al
12-May-2018A requirement for septins and the autophagy receptor p62 in the proliferation of intracellular ShigellaLobato-Marquez, D; Krokowski, S; Sirianni, A; Larrouy-Maumus, G; Mostowy, S, et al