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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Oct-2015Simulating Brownian suspensions with fluctuating hydrodynamicsDelmotte, B; Keaveny, EE
29-Sep-2016Estimating transmission from genetic and epidemiological data: a metric to compare transmission treesKendall, ML; Ayabina, D; Colijn, C; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
-Optimal liquidity-based trading tacticsLehalle, C-A; Mounjid, O; Rosenbaum, M
-Laser Interferometer Space AntennaAmaro-Seoane, P; Audley, H; Babak, S; Baker, J; Barausse, E, et al
25-Apr-2016Spatial Patterns in Urban SystemsHuynh, HN; Makarov, E; Legara, EF; Monterola, C; Chew, LY
9-Dec-2014Market impacts and the life cycle of investors ordersBacry, E; Iuga, A; Lasnier, M; Lehalle, C-A
26-Jul-2017A weak law of large numbers for estimating the correlation in bivariate Brownian semistationary processesGranelli, A; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities
26-Jul-2017A central limit theorem for the realised covariation of a bivariate Brownian semistationary processGranelli, A; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities
-Controlling flexural waves in semi-infinite platonic crystalsHaslinger, SG; Movchan, NV; Movchan, AB; Jones, IS; Craster, RV, et al
25-Mar-2014Singular stochastic PDEsHairer, M