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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Nov-2019From concept to crystals via prediction: multi‐component organic cage pots by social self‐sortingJelfs, K; Greenaway, RL; Santolini, V; Pulido, A; Little, MA, et al
3-Jul-2019Rolling circle transcription-amplified hierarchically structured organic-inorganic hybrid RNA flowers for enzyme immobilizationWang, Y; Kim, E; Lin, Y; Kim, N; Kit-Anan, W, et al
3-Sep-2019In situ observation of picosecond polaron self-localisation in α-Fe2O3 photoelectrochemical cellsBakulin, A; Pastor, E; Park, J-S; Steier, L; Kim, S, et al
-Shigella sonnei O-antigen inhibits internalisation, vacuole escape and inflammasome activationWatson, J; Sanchez-garrido, J; Goddard, P; Torraca, V; Mostowy, S, et al
-High-resolution label-free 3D mapping of extracellular pH of single living cellsZhang, Y; Takahashi, Y; Hong, SP; Liu, F; Bednarska, J, et al
2-Sep-2019Defluorosilylation of industrially relevant fluoroolefins using nucleophilic silicon reagentsCoates, G; Tan, HY; Kalff, C; White, A; Crimmin, MR, et al
15-Oct-2019Consistent KK truncations for M5-branes wrapped on Riemann surfacesCheung, KCM; Gauntlett, JP; Rosen, C; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Commission of the European Communities, et al
-Surface enhanced raman scattering artificial nose for high dimensionality fingerprintingKim, N; Thomas, MR; Bergholt, MS; Pence, IJ; Seong, H, et al
7-Nov-2019Historical changes in the stomatal limitation of photosynthesis: empirical support for an optimality principleLavergne, A; Voelker, S; Csank, A; Graven, H; De Boer, HJ, et al
9-Aug-2019Immunogold FIB-SEM: combining volumetric ultrastructure visualization with 3D biomolecular analysis to dissect cell-environment interactionsGopal, S; Chiappini, C; Armstrong, J; Chen, Q; Serio, A, et al