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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for hierarchical modelsBetancourt, MJ; Girolami, M; Upandhyay, SK; Singh, U; Dey, DK, et al
7-Sep-2017Towards the synthesis of wastewater recovery facilities using enviroeconomic optimizationPuchongkawarin, C; Vaupel, Y; Guo, M; Stuckey, D; Shah, N, et al
9-May-2017Distribution approximations for the chemical master equation: comparison of the method of moments and the system size expansionAndreychenko, A; Bortolussi, L; Grima, R; Thomas, P; Wolf, V, et al
31-Dec-2015Bioenergy resourcesSlade, RB; Bauen, A; Ekins, P; Bradshaw, M; Watson, J, et al
13-Dec-2017Two-phase characterization for turbulent dispersion of sprays: A review of optical techniquesSahu, S; Manish, M; Hardalupas, I; Basu, S; Agarwal, AK, et al
31-Dec-2017Participatory monitoring of the impact of watershed interventions in the tropical AndesOchoa Tocachi, BF; Buytaert, W; De Bièvre, B; Rivera, DA; Godoy-Faundez, A, et al
22-Mar-2019Potential of microalgae biomass for the sustainable production of bio-commoditiesPerin, G; Morosinotto, T; Lüttge, U
27-Apr-2018Co-generating knowledge on ecosystem services and the role of new technologiesBuytaert, W; Ochoa Tocachi, B; Hannah, DM; Clark, J; Dewulf, A, et al
31-Dec-2017Lectures on general quantum correlations and their applicationsDhar, HS; Pal, AK; Rakhsit, D; Sen, A; Sen, U, et al