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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2017Raman spectroscopy imaging reveals interplay between atherosclerosis and medial calcification in human aortaYou, AYF; Bergholt, MS; St-Pierre, JP; Chester, AH; Yacoub, MH, et al
20-Jul-2017Plasmodium berghei P47 is essential for ookinete protection from the Anopheles gambiae complement-like responseUkegbu, CV; Giogalli, M; Yassine, H; Luis Ramirez, J; Taxiarchi, C, et al
1-Apr-2018Modulation of GABA-A receptor function and sleepBrickley, SG; Wisden, W; Franks, NP; British Journal of Anaesthesia; Wellcome Trust, et al
25-Apr-2017Insights from the redefinition of Helicobacter pylori lipopolysaccharide O-antigen and core-oligosaccharide domains.Li, H; Yang, T; Liao, T; Debowski, AW; Nilsson, HO, et al
3-Mar-2017Search for rare protein altering variants influencing susceptibility to multiple myelomaScales, M; Chubb, D; Dobbins, SE; Johnson, DC; Li, N, et al
15-May-2013Transcriptional analysis of temporal gene expression in germinating clostridium difficile 630 endosporesDembek, M; Stabler, RA; Witney, AA; Wren, BW; Fairweather, NF, et al
23-Feb-2018Engineering extracellular vesicles with the tools of enzyme prodrug therapyFuhrmann, G; Chandrawati, R; Parmar, P; Keane, TJ; Maynard, SA, et al
5-Dec-2017Comprehensive Characterization of the Complex lola Locus Reveals a Novel Role in the Octopaminergic Pathway via Tyramine Beta-Hydroxylase RegulationDinges, N; Morin, V; Kreim, N; Southall, TD; Roignant, J-Y, et al
30-Nov-2017malERA: An updated research agenda for basic science and enabling technologies in malaria elimination and eradicationWirth, DF; Winzeler, EA; Fenton, B; Adams, JH; Ariey, F, et al
29-Nov-2018Author Correction: Host-associated niche metabolism controls enteric infection through fine-tuning the regulation of type 3 secretionConnolly, JPR; Slater, SL; O'Boyle, N; Goldstone, RJ; Crepin, VF, et al