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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2017A new beta titanium alloy system reinforced with superlattice intermetallic precipitatesKnowles, AJ; Jun, T-S; Bhowmik, A; Jones, NG; Giuliani, F, et al
7-Aug-2018In situ study of strontium segregation in La<inf>0.6</inf>Sr<inf>0.4</inf>Co<inf>0.2</inf>Fe<inf>0.8</inf>O<inf>3- δ</inf>in ambient atmospheres using high-temperature environmental scanning electron microscopyNiania, M; Podor, R; Britton, TB; Li, C; Cooper, SJ, et al
14-Feb-2019Single-neuron level one-photon voltage imaging with sparsely targeted genetically encoded voltage indicatorsQuicke, P; Song, C; McKimm, EJ; Milosevic, MM; Howe, CL, et al
17-May-2016Highly efficient mid-infrared difference-frequency generation using synchronously pulsed fiber lasersMurray, RT; Runcorn, TH; Kelleher, EJR; Taylor, JR; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
11-Feb-2019The role of β-titanium ligaments in the deformation of dual phase titanium alloysJun, T-S; Maeder, X; Bhowmik, A; Guillonneau, G; Michler, J, et al
26-Jun-2018Multimetallic microparticles increase the potency of rifampicin against intracellular mycobacterium tuberculosisEllis, T; Chiappi, M; García-Trenco, A; Al-Ejji, M; Sarkar, S, et al
7-Sep-2018Fluorescence enhancement from single gold nanostars: towards ultra-bright emission in the first and second near-infrared biological windowsTheodorou, I; Jiang, Q; Malms, L; Xie, X; Coombes, RC, et al
7-Jun-2018Tuneable fluorescence enhancement over nanostructured ZnO arrays with controlled morphologyWang, T; Centeno, A; Darvill, D; Pang, J; Ryan, MP, et al
May-2018Stochastic modelling of urban structureEllam, L; Girolami, M; Pavliotis, GA; Wilson, A; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
1-Jan-2019Rapid electron backscatter diffraction mapping: Painting by numbersTong, VS; Knowles, AJ; Dye, D; Ben Britton, T; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al