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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Feb-2018Peptide and protein nanoparticle conjugates: versatile platforms for biomedical applicationsSpicer, C; Jumeaux, C; Gupta, B; Stevens, MM; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
31-Jan-2016High-efficiency and air-stable P3HT-based polymer solar cells with a new non-fullerene acceptorHolliday, S; Ashraf, RS; Wadsworth, A; Baran, D; Yousaf, A, et al
22-Aug-2018Fate of liposomes in presence of phospholipase C and D: from atomic to supramolecular lipid arrangementHolme, MN; Rashid, MH; Thomas, MR; Barriga, HMG; Herpoldt, KL, et al
19-Jan-2017Plasmonic chirality imprinting on nucleobase-displaying supramolecular nanohelices by metal-nucleobase recognitionLin, Y; Pashuck, ET; Thomas, MR; Amdursky, N; Wang, S-T, et al
18-Jul-2016Systematic Comparison of Conventional and Reductive Single-walled Carbon Nanotube PurificationsClancy, ARJ; White, E; Tay, HH; Yau, HC; Shaffer, et al
7-Dec-2017Platinum Nanocatalyst Amplification: Redefining the Gold Standard for Lateral Flow Immunoassays with Ultra-broad Dynamic RangeLoynachan, C; Thomas, MR; Gray, ER; Richards, DA; Kim, J, et al
23-Feb-2017Influence of silver film quality on the threshold of plasmonic nanowire lasersYu, H; Sidiropoulos, T; Liu, W; Ronning, C; Petrov, P, et al
13-Oct-2017Mid-infrared emissivity of crystalline silicon solar cellsRiverola, A; Mellor, AV; Alonso Alvarez, D; Ferre LLin, L; Guarracino, I, et al
24-Jan-2018Versatile relative entropy bounds for quantum networksRigovacca, L; Kato, G; Bauml, S; Kim, MS; Munro, WJ, et al
12-Jul-2018High speed functional imaging with source localized multifocal two-photon microscopyQuicke, P; Reynolds, S; Neil, M; Knopfel, T; Schultz, S, et al