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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2007The evolution of magnetic tower jets in the laboratoryCiardi, A; Lebedev, SV; Frank, A; Blackman, EG; Chittenden, JP, et al
1-Jul-2006Global patterns of geographic range size in birdsOrme, CDL; Davies, RG; Olson, VA; Thomas, GH; Ding, T-S, et al
5-Apr-2004Cell surface organization of stress-inducible proteins ULBP and MICA that stimulate human NK cells and T cells via NKG2DEleme, K; Taner, SB; Onfelt, B; Collinson, LM; McCann, FE, et al
1-Sep-2005Generating optimal states for a homodyne Bell testDaffer, S; Knight, PL
1-Feb-2003Orientation dependence of high-order harmonic generation in moleculesLein, M; Corso, PP; Marangos, JP; Knight, PL
1-Feb-2000Coherent manipulation of two-dipole-dipole interacting ionsBeige, A; Huelga, SF; Knight, PL; Plenio, MB; Thompson, RC
1-Aug-2003Quantum walk on the line as an interference phenomenonKnight, PL; Roldan, E; Sipe, JE
17-Jan-2009Formation of episodic magnetically driven radiatively cooled plasma jets in the laboratorySuzuki-Vidal, F; Lebedev, SV; Ciardi, A; Bland, SN; Chittenden, JP, et al
1-Dec-2000Multiple observations of quantum clocksBuzek, V; Knight, PL; Imoto, N
24-Dec-2007Dependence of antibody gene diversification on uracil excisionDi Noia, JM; Williams, GT; Chan, DTY; Buerstedde, J-M; Baldwin, GS, et al