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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2001Hodge duality on the braneDuff, MJ; Liu, JT
1-Mar-2001Automated Negotiation: Prospects, Methods and ChallengesJennings, NR; Faratin, P; Lomuscio, AR; Parsons, S; Sierra, C, et al
31-Dec-2001A Classification Scheme for Negotiation in Electronic CommerceLomuscio, A; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR; Dignum, F; Sierra, C
1-Oct-2001State of the unification addressDuff, MJ
2-Mar-2001Inhomogeneous random-phase approximation and many-electron trial wave functionsGaudoin, R; Nekovee, M; WMC, F; Needs, RJ; Rajagopal, G
2-Jul-2001Localization of supergravity on the braneDuff, MJ; Liu, JT; Sabra, WA
31-Dec-2001Standard models from heterotic M theoryDonagi, R; Ovrut, BA; Pantev, T; Waldram, D
31-Dec-2001Standard-model bundlesDonagi,R.; Ovrut,B.; Pantev,T.; Waldram,D.
27-Aug-2001Superconducting gap and pair breaking in CeRu2 studied by point contactsMoskalenko, AV; Naidyuk, YG; Yanson, IK; Hedo, M; Inada, Y, et al
26-Nov-2001The world in eleven dimensions: a tribute to Oskar KleinDuff,M.J.