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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2000Recycling of quantum information: Multiple observations of quantum clocksBuzek, V; Knight, PL; Imoto, N
21-Aug-2000Quantum computing using dissipation to remain in a decoherence-free subspaceBeige, A; Braun, D; Tregenna, B; Knight, PL
1-Jul-2000Diâmetro médio predominante de partículas do soloPrevedello, CL; Costabile, MS; Strapasson, AB; Santos, APR; Afonso, MA
11-Dec-2000Gravitational lensing by elliptical galaxies.Mortlock, DJ; Webster, RL
28-Aug-2000Breakdown of stabilization of atoms interacting with intense, high-frequency laser pulsesKylstra, NJ; Worthington, RA; Patel, A; Knight, PL; de Aldana, JRV, et al
27-Apr-2000A flat universe from high-resolution maps of the cosmic microwave background radiationDe Bernardis, P; Ade, PAR; Bock, JJ; Bond, JR; Borrill, J, et al
9-Mar-2000Poster: Monte Carlo Simulation of an Ising Model on a Sierpinski CarpetSchotte, K; Loison, D; Pruessner, G
20-Jan-2000TASI lectures on branes, black holes and anti-de sitter spaceDuff, MJ
11-Dec-2000The statistics of wide-separation lensed quasarsMortlock, DJ; Webster, RL
11-Dec-2000Using galaxy redshift surveys to detect gravitationally lensed quasarsMortlock, DJ; Webster, RL