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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-2018Corrigendum: Inhibitor selectivity for cyclin-dependent kinase 7: a structural, thermodynamic, and modelling studyHazel, P; Kroll, SHB; Bondke, A; Barbazanges, M; Patel, H, et al
6-Jan-2015Unraveling Structural Polymorphism of Amyloid FibersBubeck, D; Cancer Research UK
1-Oct-2018Advances in cryoEM and its impact on beta-pore forming proteinsBoyd, CM; Bubeck, DA; Cancer Research UK
28-Jan-2019Towards multiplexed near-infrared cellular imaging using gold nanostar arrays with tunable fluorescence enhancementTheodorou, I; Ruenraroengsak, P; Carter, D; Jiang, Q; Yague, E, et al
20-Aug-2016ICEC0942, an orally bioavailable selective inhibitor of CDK7 for breast cancerAli, S; Patel, H; Periyasamy, M; Bondke, A; Slafer, BW, et al
4-Feb-2016Structural basis of complement membrane attack complex formationSerna Gil, M; Bubeck, D; Giles, JL; Morgan, BP; Cancer Research UK, et al
25-Apr-2017Competition-based, quantitative chemical proteomics in breast cancer cells identifies new target profiles for sulforaphaneClulow, JA; Storck, EM; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Kalesh, KA; Jones, LH, et al
8-Jun-2017Dynamic protein acylation: new substrates, mechanisms and drug targetsLanyon-Hogg, T; Faronato, M; Serwa, RA; Tate, EW; Cancer Research UK, et al
6-Dec-2013Mechanistic and Chiroptical Studies on the Desulfurization of Epidithiodioxopiperazines Reveal Universal Retention of Configuration at the Bridgehead Carbon AtomsCherblanc, FL; Lo, Y-P; Herrebout, WA; Bultinck, P; Rzepa, HS, et al
6-Feb-2018Proliferation dynamics of acute myeloid leukaemia and haematopoietic progenitors competing for bone marrow spaceLo Celso, C; Akinduro, O; Weber, TS; Haltalli, MLR; Ruivo, N, et al