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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2019Heteromultimetallic compounds based on polyfunctional carboxylate linkersJantan, KA; McArdle, J; Mognon, L; Fiorini, V; Wilkinson, LA, et al
1-Feb-2019Bicarbonate inhibition of carbonic anhydrase mimics hinders catalytic efficiency: Elucidating the mechanism and gaining insight toward improving speed and efficiencyRains, JGD; O’Donnelly, K; Oliver, T; Woscholski, R; Long, NJ, et al
21-Mar-20193D microvascular imaging using high frame rate ultrasound and ASAP without contrast agents: development and initial in vivo evaluation on non-tumour and tumour modelsLeow, CH; Bush, N; Stanziola, A; Braga, M; Shah, A, et al
1-May-2019Rapid short-pulse ultrasound delivers drugs uniformly across the murine blood-brain barrier with negligible disruptionMorse, SV; Pouliopoulos, AN; Chan, TG; Copping, MJ; Lin, J, et al
28-Sep-2019Redox-switchable α-diimine palladium catalysts for control of polyethylene topologyMundil, R; Wilson, LE; Schaarschmidt, D; Císařová, I; Merna, J, et al
1-May-2019Development of Ga-68-labelled ultrasound microbubbles for whole-body PET imagingHernandez-Gil, J; Braga, M; Harriss, B; Carroll, LS; Leow, CH, et al