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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2006Cooperativity in ionic liquidsKossmann, S; Thar, J; Kirchner, B; Hunt, PA; Welton, T
1-Jan-2003Solvent-solute interactions in ionic liquidsCrowhurst, L; Mawdsley, PR; Perez-Arlandis, JM; Salter, PA; Welton, T
1-Jan-2001Molecular states of water in room temperature ionic liquidsCammarata, L; Kazarian, SG; Salter, PA; Welton, T
1-Jan-2002Increased catalytic productivity for nanofiltration-coupled Heck reactions using highly stable catalyst systemsNair, D; Scarpello, JT; Vankelecom, IFJ; Dos Santos, LMF; White, LS, et al
1-Dec-2001A study of halide nucleophilicity in ionic liquidsLancaster, NL; Welton, T; Young, GB
1-Apr-2002Electrochemistry of vanadium oxides and oxyhalides in chloroaluminate room temperature ionic liquidsRyan, DM; Riechel, TL; Welton, T
1-Dec-2004Ionic liquids in catalysisWelton, T
18-May-2004N-donor complexes of palladium as catalysts for Suzuki cross-coupling reactions in ionic liquidsMathews, CJ; Smith, PJ; Welton, T
1-Jan-2002The role of hydrogen bonding in controlling the selectivity of Diels-Alder reactions in room-temperature ionic liquidsAggarwal, A; Lancaster, NL; Sethi, AR; Welton, T
1-Jun-2009A theoretical study of the solvent effect on Diels-Alder reaction in room temperature ionic liquids using a supermolecular approachBini, R; Chiappe, C; Mestre, VL; Pomelli, CS; Welton, T