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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Feb-2019High-contrast 3D in vivo microvascular imaging using scanning 2D ultrasound and acoutic sub-aperture processing (ASAP)Hau Leow, C; Bush, NL; Stanziola, A; Braga, M; Shah, A, et al
25-Feb-2019Contrast vs non-contrast enhanced microvascular imaging using acoustic sub-aperture processing (ASAP): in vivo demonstrationLeow, CH; Braga, M; Bush, NL; Stanziola, A; Shah, A, et al
1-May-2019Rapid short-pulse ultrasound delivers drugs uniformly across the murine blood-brain barrier with negligible disruptionMorse, SV; Pouliopoulos, AN; Chan, TG; Copping, MJ; Lin, J, et al
14-Nov-2018Cross-plane conductance through a graphene/molecular monolayer/Au sandwichLi, B; Famili, M; Pensa, E; Grace, I; Long, NJ, et al
6-Dec-2018Antibody fragment and affibody immunoPET imaging agents: radiolabelling strategies and applicationsFu, R; Carroll, L; Yahioglu, GK; Aboagye, E; Miller, P, et al
28-Sep-2019Redox-switchable α-diimine palladium catalysts for control of polyethylene topologyMundil, R; Wilson, LE; Schaarschmidt, D; Císařová, I; Merna, J, et al
31-Jul-2019Taming Brønsted acid reactivity: nucleophilic substitutions of propargylic alcohols with n-nucleophiles mediated by phosphorus-based Brønsted acid catalystsRadtanajiravong, L; Diez-Gonzalez, S
21-Nov-2018Synthesis, gallium-68 radiolabelling and biological evaluation of a series of triarylphosphonium-functionalized DO3A chelatorsSmith, A; Blower, P; Southworth, R; Ma, M; Long, N
1-Jan-2019Strategies for the separation of the furanic compounds HMF, DFF, FFCA and FDCA from Ionic liquidsAl Ghatta, A; Wilton-Ely, JDET; Hallett, JP
27-Aug-2019Synthesis and application of ruthenium(II) alkenyl complexes with perylene fluorophores for the detection of toxic vapours and gasesGarcía-Calvo, J; Robson, J; Torroba, T; Wilton-Ely, J