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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009An old reaction in new media: kinetic study of a platinum(II) substitution reaction in ionic liquidsCorreia, I; Welton, T
1-Jan-2012Mixtures of ionic liquidsNiedermeyer, H; Hallett, JP; Villar-Garcia, IJ; Hunt, PA; Welton, T
1-Jan-2011Ionic liquid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass with ionic liquid-water mixturesBrandt, A; Ray, MJ; To, TQ; Leak, DJ; Murphy, RJ, et al
1-Jan-2008A rationalization of the solvent effect on the Diels-Alder reaction in ionic liquids using multiparameter linear solvation energy relationshipsBini, R; Chiappe, C; Mestre, VL; Pomelli, CS; Welton, T
1-Oct-2003Novel palladium imidazole catalysts for Suzuki cross-coupling reactionsMathews, CJ; Smith, PJ; Welton, T
15-Feb-2016Much to be proud ofWelton, T
25-Jan-2016Solvate ionic liquids as reaction media for electrocyclic transformationsEyckens, DJ; Champion, ME; Fox, BL; Yoganantharajah, P; Gibert, Y, et al
1-Jun-2018Ionic liquids: a brief history.Welton, T
1-Jan-2018Editorial Overview: UN Sustainable Development Goals: How can sustainable/green chemistry contribute? There can be more than one approachWelton, T
21-Sep-2015Lignin oxidation and depolymerisation in ionic liquidsPrado, R; Brandt, A; Erdocia, X; Hallet, J; Welton, T, et al