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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Modelling citation networksGoldberg, SR; Anthony, H; Evans, TS
1-Mar-2007Exact solutions for network rewiring modelsEvans, TS
1-Dec-2009Ghost instabilities of cosmological models with vector fields nonminimally coupled to the curvatureHimmetoglu, B; Contaldi, CR; Peloso, M
7-Sep-2005Solvable model of quantum microcanonical statesBender, CM; Brody, DC; Hook, DW
1-Apr-2009Consistent supersymmetric Kaluza-Klein truncations with massive modesGauntlett, JP; Kim, S; Varela, O; Waldram, D
1-Aug-2005Scale-free networks from self-organization.Evans, TS; Saramäki, JP
8-Dec-2015Spacetime curvature and Higgs stability after inflationHerranen, M; Markkanen, T; Nurmi, S; Rajantie, A
1-Jun-2008Network rewiring modelsEvans, TS; Plato, ADK
19-Feb-1999On normal ordering and canonical transformations in thermal field theoryBlasone, M; Evans, TS; Steer, DA; Vitiello, G
14-Sep-2015The thermal design, characterization, and performance of the Spider long-duration balloon cryostatGudmundsson, JE; Ade, PAR; Amiri, M; Benton, SJ; Bock, JJ, et al