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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-1996Wick's theorem at finite temperatureEvans, TS; Steer, DA
1-Jul-2009Universal BPS structure of stationary supergravity solutionsBossard, G; Nicolai, H; Stelle, KS
8-Aug-2007Quantum phase transitions without thermodynamic limitsBrody, DC; Hook, DW; Hughston, LP
20-Apr-2015The Renormalization Group flow of unimodular f(R) gravityEichhorn, A
17-Jun-2014Matter coupling in partially constrained vielbein formulation of massive gravityFelice, AD; Gumrukcuoglu, AE; Heisenberg, L; Mukohyama, S
8-Apr-2015Cosmology in bimetric theory with an effective composite coupling to matterGumrukcuoglu, AE; Heisenberg, L; Mukohyama, S; Tanahashi, N
22-Sep-2015Hořava gravity with mixed derivative terms: Power counting renormalizability with lower order dispersionsColombo, M; Gumrukcuoglu, AE; Sotiriou, TP
20-Mar-2009Instability of Anisotropic Cosmological Solutions Supported by Vector FieldsContaldi, CR; Peloso, M
12-Feb-2015Hořava gravity with mixed derivative termsColombo, M; Gumrukcuoglu, AE; Sotiriou, TP
8-Mar-2017All (4,1): Sigma models with (4, q) off-shell supersymmetryHull, C; Lindstrom, U; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)