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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016Bayesian evidence and predictivity of the inflationary paradigmGubitosi, G; Lagos, M; Magueijo, J; Allison, R
21-Sep-2016Holographic quenches and anomalous transportAmmon, M; Grieninger, S; Jimenez-Alba, A; Macedo, RP; Melgar Del Pozo, L
17-Dec-2015Construction and deconstruction of single instanton Hilbert seriesHanany, A; Kalveks, R
31-May-2016On quantum corrections in higher-spin theory in flat spacePonomarev, D; Tseytlin, AA
19-Jan-2016DC Conductivity of Magnetised Holographic MatterDonos, A; Gauntlett, JP; Griffin, T; Melgar, L
16-Dec-2015T-duality of Green-Schwarz superstrings on AdS(d) x S d x M 10-2dAbbott, MC; Murugan, J; Penati, S; Pittelli, A; Sorokin, D, et al
23-Feb-2016Supergravity background of lambda-deformed model for AdS(2) x S-2 supercosetBorsato, R; Tseytlin, AA; Wulff, L
21-Jun-2016Quiver theories for moduli spaces of classical group nilpotent orbitsHanany, A; Kalveks, R
9-Oct-2015Type IIB supergravity solution for the T-dual of the eta-deformed AdS(5) x S-5 superstringHoare, B; Tseytlin, AA
4-Jan-2016Conformal anomaly c-coefficients of superconformal 6d theoriesBeccaria, M; Tseytlin, AA