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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2006On optimum Hamiltonians for state transformationsBrody, DC; Hook, DW
8-Aug-2007Quantum phase transitions without thermodynamic limitsBrody, DC; Hook, DW; Hughston, LP
16-Sep-2011Quantum tunneling as a classical anomalyBender, CM; Hook, DW
9-Nov-2012Negative-energy PT-symmetric HamiltoniansBender, CM; Hook, DW; Klevansky, SP
7-Sep-2005Solvable model of quantum microcanonical statesBender, CM; Brody, DC; Hook, DW
1-Nov-2010Probability density in the complex planeBender, CM; Hook, DW; Meisinger, PN; Wang, Q-H
19-Jan-2007Complex trajectories of a simple pendulumBender, CM; Holm, DD; Hook, DW
10-Aug-2007Complexified dynamical systemsBender, CM; Holm, DD; Hook, DW
3-Dec-2014Infinite Class of PT-Symmetric Theories from One Timelike Liouville LagrangianBender, CM; Hook, DW; Mavromatos, NE; Sarkar, S
13-Oct-2016PT-symmetric interpretation of unstable effective potentialsBender, CM; Hook, DW; Mavromatos, NE; Sarkar, S