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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2011Uncovering space-independent communities in spatial networksExpert, P; Evans, TS; Blondel, VD; Lambiotte, R
18-Jun-2004Testing an Optimised Expansion on Z_2 Lattice ModelsEvans, TS; Ivin, M
22-Dec-2009Line graphs of weighted networks for overlapping communitiesEvans, TS; Lambiotte, R
14-Apr-2001Vacuum Energy Densities and Multiplicative Anomalies in a Free Bose GasEvans, TS
26-Jul-1993Thermal Bubble Diagrams Near Zero EnergyEvans, TS
5-Nov-2007Randomness and Complexity in NetworksEvans, TS
1-Oct-2011Community structure and patterns of scientific collaboration in Business and ManagementEvans, TS; Lambiotte, R; Panzarasa, P
19-Jun-2000An optimized perturbation expansion for a global O(2) theoryEvans, TS; Ivin, M; Mobius, M
1-Nov-2004Complex networksEvans, TS
1-Dec-2010Clique graphs and overlapping communitiesEvans, TS