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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2015Boundary terms for causal setsBuck, M; Dowker, F; Jubb, I; Surya, S
3-Aug-2016Inflation and the quantum measurement problemAlexander, S; Jyoti, D; Magueijo, J
30-Jan-2017Correlation between opposite-helicity gravitons: Imprints on gravity-wave and microwave backgroundsGubitosi, G; Magueijo, JC
10-Jan-2017Standard model vacuum decay with gravityRajantie, A; Stopyra, S
15-Oct-2015Hamilton geometry: Phase space geometry from modified dispersion relationsBarcaroli, L; Brunkhorst, LK; Gubitosi, G; Loret, N; Pfeifer, C
20-May-2016Supersymmetric backgrounds and generalised special holonomyCoimbra, A; Strickland-Constable, C; Waldram, D
19-Jul-2016Non-compact nonlinear sigma modelsDe Rham, C; Tolley, AJ; Zhou, S-Y
24-Jun-2016Kinematics of particles with quantum-de Sitter-inspired symmetriesBarcaroli, L; Gubitosi, G
1-Jan-2016Black Holes in SupergravityStelle, KS
9-Dec-2015Spherically symmetric solutions in higher-derivative gravityLu, H; Perkins, A; Pope, CN; Stelle, KS