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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2008Pohlmeyer reduction of AdS(5) x S(5)superstring sigma modelGrigoriev, M; Tseytlin, AA
1-Dec-2008Dual superconformal symmetry from AdS(5) x S-5 superstring integrabilityBeisert, N; Ricci, R; Tseytlin, AA; Wolf, M
1-Nov-2009Quantum strings in AdS(5) x S-5: strong-coupling corrections to dimension of Konishi operatorRoiban, R; Tseytlin, AA
1-Nov-2009Higgsing M2-brane theoriesDavey, J; Hanany, A; Mekareeya, N; Torri, G
1-Jul-2009Line graphs, link partitions, and overlapping communities.Evans, TS; Lambiotte, R
17-Mar-2006On optimum Hamiltonians for state transformationsBrody, DC; Hook, DW
31-Dec-2007On quantum microcanonical equilibriumDorje C. Brody; Daniel W. Hook; Lane P. Hughston
1-Mar-2009Instability of the Ackerman-Carroll-Wise model, and problems with massive vectors during inflationHimmetoglu, B; Contaldi, CR; Peloso, M
8-Aug-2007Quantum phase transitions without thermodynamic limitsBrody, DC; Hook, DW; Hughston, LP
1-Jul-2009Universal BPS structure of stationary supergravity solutionsBossard, G; Nicolai, H; Stelle, KS