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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A ``problem of time''' in the multiplicative scheme for the n-site hopperWilkes, H; Dowker, H; Lewandowski, C; Havlicek, V
22-May-2017A bound on holographic entanglement entropy from inverse mean curvature flowFischetti, S; Wiseman, T
8-Jan-2016A cryogenic rotation stage with a large clear aperture for the half-wave plates in the Spider instrumentBryan, S; Ade, P; Amiri, M; Benton, S; Bihary, R, et al
21-Sep-2015A new phase for the anisotropic N=4 super Yang-Mills plasmaBanks, E; Gauntlett, JP
23-Nov-2009A note on the UV behaviour of maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoriesBossard, G; Howe, PS; Stelle, KS
11-Apr-2016Addendum to: Hilbert series for theories with Aharony dualsHanany, A; Hwang, C; Kim, H; Park, J; Seong, R-K
8-Mar-2017All (4,1): Sigma models with (4, q) off-shell supersymmetryHull, C; Lindstrom, U
14-Oct-2004All supersymmetric solutions of minimal gauged supergravity in five dimensions. Erratum: Supersymmetric solutions of minimal gauged supergravity in five dimensions [Phys. Rev. D 68, 105009 (2003)]Gauntlett, JP; Gutowski, JB
19-Jun-2000An optimized perturbation expansion for a global O(2) theoryEvans, TS; Ivin, M; Mobius, M
10-Jul-2015Analysis of unidirectional non-paraxial invisibility of purely reflective PT-symmetric volume gratingsKulishov, M; Jones, HF; Kress, B
2-Nov-2016Anisotropic plasmas from axion and dilaton deformationsDonos, A; Gauntlett, JP; Sosa-Rodriguez, O
10-May-2017Anisotropies of gravitational wave backgrounds: a line of sight approachContaldi, CR
26-Feb-2013Anomalies and divergences in N=4 supergravityBossard, G; Howe, PS; Stelle, KS
16-Jul-2015Anti-de Sitter momentum spaceArzano, M; Gubitosi, G; Magueijo, J; Amelino-Camelia, G
16-Feb-2016Asymptotic safety in an interacting system of gravity and scalar matterDona, P; Eichhorn, A; Labus, P; Percacci, R
29-Aug-2013Background data for "Which Network Model Should I Use?"Evans, T
1-Jun-2016Bayesian evidence and predictivity of the inflationary paradigmGubitosi, G; Lagos, M; Magueijo, J; Allison, R
28-Apr-2015Black Holes in Higher Derivative GravityLu, H; Perkins, A; Pope, CN; Stelle, KS
1-Jan-2016Black Holes in SupergravityStelle, KS
26-Jul-2017Boomerang RG flows in M-theory with intermediate scalingDonos, A; Gauntlett, JP; Rosen, C; Sosa-Rodriguez, O
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 209
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