firedrakeproject/ufl: The Unified Form Language

Title: firedrakeproject/ufl: The Unified Form Language
Authors: Logg, A
Barton, SN
Wells, GN
Mitchell, L
Homolya, M
Ham, D
Ring, J
Blechta, J
Rognes, ME
Richardson, C
Bergersen, A
Wechsung, F
Hale, JS
Li, L
Gibson, TH
Leoni, M
Barton, N
Baratta, I
Mardal, K-A
Yashchuk, I
Rathgeber, F
Fauske, VT
Markall, G
Kirby, R
Cotter, CJ
Gregory, A
Item Type: Software
Abstract: firedrakeproject/ufl: The Unified Form Language
firedrakeproject/ufl: The Unified Form Language
Content Version: Firedrake_20190815.0
Issue Date: 15-Aug-2019
Copyright Statement:
Keywords: Firedrake project
Notes: This release is specifically created to document the version of ufl used in a particular set of experiments using Firedrake. Please do not cite this as a general source for Firedrake or any of its dependencies. Instead, refer to
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