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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2016On hyperbolic systems with time dependent Hölder characteristicsGaretto, C; Ruzhansky, M;
26-May-2016Fourier multipliers and group von Neumann algebrasRuzhansky, M; Akylzhanov, R;
21-Nov-2016Very weak solutions of wave equation for Landau Hamiltonian with irregular electromagnetic fieldRuzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N;
4-Aug-2016Quantum PlasmonicsFitzgerald, JM; Narang, P; Craster, RV; Maier, SA; Giannini, V, et al
25-Apr-2016Surface-tension-driven Stokes flow: a numerical method based on conformal geometryCrowdy, DG; Buchak, PM;
10-Nov-2016On horizontal Hardy, Rellich, Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg and p-sub-Laplacian inequalities on stratified groupsRuzhansky, M; Suragan, D;
1-Jun-2016Smoothing estimates for non-dispersive equationsRuzhansky, M; Sugimoto, M;
8-Apr-2016On first and second eigenvalues of Riesz transforms in spherical and hyperbolic geometriesRuzhansky, M; Suragan, D;
29-Oct-2016Schatten classes, nuclearity and nonharmonic analysis on compact manifolds with boundaryDelgado Valencia, J; Ruzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N;
15-Jan-2016Asymptotics of surface-plasmon redshift saturation at subnanometric separationsSchnitzer, O; Giannini, V; Craster, RV; Maier, SA; , et al