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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2016On first and second eigenvalues of Riesz transforms in spherical and hyperbolic geometriesRuzhansky, M; Suragan, D;
7-May-2018Eigenfunction expansions of ultradifferentiable functions and ultradistributions. II. Tensor representationsDasgupta, A; Ruzhansky, M;
-The Crepant Transformation Conjecture for Toric Complete IntersectionsCoates, TH; Iritani, H; Jiang, Y; , et al
29-Feb-2016Quantum Periods for 3-Dimensional Fano ManifoldsCoates, T; Corti, A; Galkin, S; Kasprzyk, A; , et al
25-Feb-2017On C∞ well-posedness of hyperbolic systems with multiplicitiesGaretto, C; Ruzhansky, M;
1-May-2017Potentially crystalline lifts of certain prescribed typesGee, T; Herzig, F; Liu, T; Savitt, D; , et al
29-Oct-2016Schatten classes, nuclearity and nonharmonic analysis on compact manifolds with boundaryDelgado Valencia, J; Ruzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N;
13-Mar-2019Acoustic flat lensing using an indefinite mediumDubois, M; Perchoux, J; Vanel, AL; Tronche, C; Achaoui, Y, et al
1-Dec-2019Inverse source problems for positive operators. I: Hypoelliptic diffusion and subdiffusion equationsRuzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N; Torebek, BT;
7-Mar-2019Asymptotic modelling of phononic box crystalsVanel, AL; Craster, RV; Schnitzer, O;