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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2016Small-data shock formation in solutions to 3D quasilinear wave equations: An overviewHolzegel, G; Klainerman, S; Speck, J; Wong, W; Commission of the European Communities
1-Nov-2015Detecting Unspecified Structure in Low-Count ImagesStein, NM; Van Dyk, DA; Kashyap, VL; Siemiginowska, A; The Royal Society, et al
-The ball-box theorem for a class of corank 1 non-differentiable tangent subbundlesTureli, S; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jul-2015Weight functions on non-Archimedean analytic spaces and the Kontsevich–Soibelman skeletonMustaţă, M; Nicaise, J; Commission of the European Communities
18-Jul-2016Bayesian Analysis of Two Stellar Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters. II. NGC 5024, NGC 5272, and NGC 6352Wagner-Kaiser, R; Stenning, D; Robinson, E; Von Hippel, T; Sarajedini, A, et al
18-Jan-2017Classical density functional study of wetting transitions on nanopatterned surfaces.Yatsyshin, P; Parry, AO; Rascón, C; Kalliadasis, S; Commission of the European Communities, et al
20-Sep-2016Conservation laws and flux bounds for gravitational perturbations of the Schwarzschild metricHolzegel, G; Commission of the European Communities
16-Oct-2018An information-theoretic approach to self-organisation: Emergence of complex interdependencies in coupled dynamical systemsRosas De Andraca, FE; Martinez Mediano, P; Ugarte, M; Jensen, H; Commission of the European Communities
1-Apr-2016Transit times and mean ages for nonautonomous and autonomous compartmental systemsRasmussen, M; Hastings, A; Smith, MJ; Agusto, FB; Chen-Charpentier, BM, et al
-Heterogeneously coupled maps: hub dynamics and emergence across connectivity layersVan Strien, S; Pereira, T; Tanzi, M; Commission of the European Communities