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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2016Linear control of oscillator and amplifier flowsSchmid, PJ; Sipp, D
2-Feb-2016Weyl Type Asymptotics and Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Functional-Difference Operators for Mirror CurvesLaptev, A; Schimmer, L; Takhtajan, LA
-A Frobenius Theorem for Corank-1 Continuous Distributions in Dimension 2 and 3Tureli, S; Luzzatto, S; War, KM
9-Dec-2014Market impacts and the life cycle of investors ordersBacry, E; Iuga, A; Lasnier, M; Lehalle, C-A
19-Jul-2016Numerical and experimental study of the tolerance of natural laminar flow on a wing to TS destabilisation at the leading edge /wing-box junctionAshworth, R; Lawson, S; Lowry, S; Martinez-Cava, A; Mughal, M, et al
26-Jul-2017A weak law of large numbers for estimating the correlation in bivariate Brownian semistationary processesGranelli, A; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities
26-Jul-2017A central limit theorem for the realised covariation of a bivariate Brownian semistationary processGranelli, A; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities
-Controlling flexural waves in semi-infinite platonic crystalsHaslinger, SG; Movchan, NV; Movchan, AB; Jones, IS; Craster, RV, et al
9-Jan-2017Continuum dynamics of the intention field under weakly cohesive social interactionDegond, P; Liu, J-G; Merino-Aceituno, S; Tardiveau, T; The Royal Society, et al
23-May-2017A new flocking model through body attitude coordinationDegond, PAA; Frouvelle, A; Merino-Aceituno, S; The Royal Society; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)