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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2011Geometrical Versions of improved Berezin-Li-Yau InequalitiesGeisinger, L; Laptev, A; Weidl, T
26-Oct-2014Sharp interpolation inequalities for discrete operators and applicationsIlyin, A; Laptev, A; Zelik, S
1-Jan-2013On spectral estimates for two-dimensional Schrodinger operatorsLaptev, A; Solomyak, M
30-May-2014Spectral estimates on the sphereDolbeault, J; Esteban, MJ; Laptev, A
16-Jun-2016On the number of eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators with complex potentialsFrank, RL; Laptev, A; Safronov, O
5-Jun-2015One-dimensional interpolation inequalities, Carlson-Landau inequalities, and magnetic Schrodinger operatorsIlyin, A; Laptev, A; Loss, M; Zelik, S
7-Apr-2015Hardy inequalities with homogeneous weightsHoffmann-Ostenhof, T; Laptev, A
6-Aug-2014One-dimensional Gagliardo Nirenberg Sobolev inequalities: remarks on duality and flowsDolbeault, J; Esteban, MJ; Laptev, A; Loss, M
1-Mar-2014On Some Sharp Spectral Inequalities for Schrodinger Operators on SemiaxisExner, P; Laptev, A; Usman, M
3-Jun-2013Eigenvalue Estimates for Non-Selfadjoint Dirac Operators on the Real LineCuenin, J-C; Laptev, A; Tretter, C