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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jan-2016An improved version of the Hughes model for pedestrian flowCarrillo de la Plata, J; Martin, STEPHAN
10-Aug-2015Some free boundary problems involving non-local diffusion and aggregationCarrillo de la Plata, J; Vazquez, JL
25-Aug-2015The Fokker-Planck equation for bosons in 2D: well-posedness and asymptotic behaviorCarrillo de la Plata, J; Cañizo, JA; Laurençot, P; Rosado, J
17-Mar-2016Regularity of Local Minimizers of the Interaction Energy Via Obstacle ProblemsCarrillo de la Plata, J; Delgadino, MG; Mellet, A
-Mean-field limit for collective behavior models with sharp sensitivity regionsCarrillo de la Plata, J; Choi, YP; Hauray, M; Salem, S
4-Mar-2016Efficient numerical calculation of drift and diffusion coefficients in the diffusion approximation of kinetic equationsBonaille-Noel, V; Carrillo de la Plata, J; Goudon, T; Pavlotis, G
10-Jan-2018Displacement convexity for the entropy in semidiscrete nonlinear Fokker-Planck equationsCarrillo de la Plata, J; Juengel, A; Santos, M
-Reduced fluid models for self-propelled particles interacting through alignmentBostan, M; Carrillo de la Plata, J
22-Sep-2016Numerical simulation of nonlinear continuity equations by evolving diffeomorphisms, to appear in J. Comp. Phys.Carrillo de la Plata, J; Ranetbauer, H; Wolfram, MT
-L∞ estimates for the JKO scheme in parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel systemsCarrillo de la Plata, J; Santambrogio, F