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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017The 'who' and 'what' of #diabetes on TwitterBeguerisse-Diaz, M; McLennan, AK; Garduño-Hernández, G; Barahona, M; Ulijaszek, SJ
27-Feb-2012Markov Dynamics as a Zooming Lens for Multiscale Community Detection: Non Clique-Like Communities and the Field-of-View LimitSchaub, MT; Delvenne, J-C; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
26-Aug-2016Prediction of allosteric sites and mediating interactions through bond-to-bond propensitiesAmor, BRC; Schaub, MT; Yaliraki, S; Barahona, M
19-Aug-2016Graph partitions and cluster synchronization in networks of oscillatorsSchaub, MT; O'Clery, N; Billeh, YN; Delvenne, J-C; Lambiotte, R, et al
1-Jul-2013Tuning the dials of synthetic biologyArpino, JAJ; Hancock, EJ; Anderson, J; Barahona, M; Stan, G-BV, et al
15-Jul-2015Great cities look small.Sim, A; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M; Stumpf, MP
18-May-2015PDGFRα demarcates the cardiogenic clonogenic Sca1(+) stem/progenitor cell in adult murine myocardium.Noseda, M; Harada, M; McSweeney, S; Leja, T; Belian, E, et al
5-Aug-2016Flow-Based Network Analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans ConnectomeBacik, KA; Schaub, MT; Beguerisse-Diaz, M; Billeh, YN; Barahona, M
25-Apr-2018Computational re-design of synthetic genetic oscillators for independent amplitude and frequency modulationTomazou, M; Barahona, M; Polizzi, K; Stan, G
26-Jul-2017Geometric multiscale community detection: Markov stability and vector partitioningLiu, Z; Barahona, M