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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2015Topological bifurcations of minimal invariant sets for set-valued dynamical systemsLamb, JSW; Rasmussen, M; Rodrigues, CS
30-Apr-2016Optimal liquidation in a finite time regime switching model with permanent and temporary pricing impactBian, B; Wu, N; Zheng, H
10-May-2016Editorial: ‘Big data’ and data sharingHand, DJ
1-Jul-2015Nikolskii inequality and functional classes on compact lie groupsNursultanov, ED; Ruzhansky, MV; Tikhonov, SY
4-Nov-2014On modeling economic default time: a reduced-form model approachGu, J-W; Jiang, B; Ching, W-K; Zheng, H
13-Mar-2013Explicit reduction modulo p of certain 2-dimensional crystalline representations, IIBuzzard, K; Gee, T
31-Jan-2016Single to double mill small noise transition via semi-Lagrangian finite volume methodsCarrillo, JA; Klar, A; Roth, A
16-Jun-2014RMCMC: A system for updating Bayesian modelsLau, FD-H; Gandy, A
7-Oct-2015Uniform bounds for strongly -regular surfacesCascini, P; Gongyo, Y; Schwede, K
16-Sep-2015Asymptotically cylindrical Calabi-Yau manifoldsHaskins, M; Hein, H-J; Nordström, J