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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974Hydrogen transfer reactions of indolesRzepa, Henry Stephen
-Methanogenesis in the anaerobic digestion of highstrenght soluble wastewatersWhite, Christabel Jane
Sep-2012The cellular immune response to the HTLV-1 protein HBZTaylor, Graham; Bangham, Charles; Hilburn, Silva
Aug-2013Pharmacokinetics of melatonin as a neuroprotectant In preterm infantsCounsell, Serena; Azzopardi, Denis; Edwards, David; Merchant, Nazakat
Dec-2010Optimisation of a novel gyroscopic wave energy converterRobb, David; Edwards, Robert
-The diffraction of electrons by thin films of organic compoundsWarren., J. B.
-Site-directed mutagenesis of the D2 protein in the green alga 'Chlamydomonas reinhardtii'Nixon, Dr. Peter; Telfer, Dr. Alison; Andronis, Christos; State Scholarship Foundation of Greece (I.K.Y.)
-Persistence and vulnerability of island endemic birds.Mace, Georgina; Purvis, Andy; Cowlishaw, Guy; Lawton, John; Baillie, Jonathan E. M, et al
-Analysis of myocardial contractility with magnetic resonanceYang, Professor Guang-Zhong; Firmin, Professor David; Gatehouse, Dr Peter; Masood, Sharmeen; British Heart Foundation.
-Elite rowing : technique and performanceBull, Anthony; McGregor, Alison; Murphy, Andrew James; Imperial College; British International Rowing and UK Sport