Activation of Aurora A kinase increases YAP stability via blockage of autophagy

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Title: Activation of Aurora A kinase increases YAP stability via blockage of autophagy
Authors: Wang, P
Gong, Y
Guo, T
Li, M
Fang, L
Yin, S
Kamran, M
Liu, Y
Xu, J
Xu, L
Peng, F
Xue, X
Yang, M
Hung, M-C
Lam, EW-F
Gu, C
Wang, C
Zhan, Q
Liu, Q
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Transcription cofactor Yes-associated protein (YAP) plays an important role in cancer progression. Here, we found that Aurora A kinase expression was positively correlated with YAP in lung cancer. Aurora A depletion suppresses lung cancer cell colony formation, which could be reversed by YAP ectopic overexpression. In addition, activation of Aurora A increases YAP protein abundance through maintaining its protein stability. Consistently, the transcriptional activity of YAP is increased upon Aurora A activation. We further showed that shAURKA suppressed YAP expression in the absence of Lats1/2, indicating that Aurora A regulates YAP independently of Hippo pathway. Instead, Aurora A induced blockage of autophagy to up-regulate YAP expression. Collectively, our findings provide insights into regulatory mechanisms of YAP expression in lung cancer development.
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2019
Date of Acceptance: 13-May-2019
ISSN: 2041-4889
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Journal / Book Title: Cell Death and Disease
Volume: 10
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Funder's Grant Number: 2012NovemberPhD016
Publication Status: Published
Article Number: ARTN 432
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