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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2007Cluster-based extension of the generalized poisson loss dynamics and consistency with single namesBrigo, D; Pallavicini, A; Torresetti, R
16-Sep-2009EpiCollect: linking smartphones to web applications for epidemiology, ecology and community data collectionAanensen, DM; Huntley, DM; Feil, EJ; Al-Own, F; Spratt, BG
17-Sep-2001Optimal local discrimination of two multipartite pure statesVirmani, S; Sacchi, MF; Plenio, MB; Markham, D
1-Feb-2004Characterisation of iron-rich sludge: correlations between reactivity, density and structureGeorgaki, I; Dudeney, AWL; Monhemius, AJ
11-Apr-2007Poster: Multiscaling in the areas enclosed by coalescing random walkersPruessner, G; Welinder, P; Christensen, K
7-Mar-2002Poster: Asynchronously Parallelised Percolation on Distributed MachinesMoloney, N
9-Mar-2000Poster: Monte Carlo Simulation of an Ising Model on a Sierpinski CarpetSchotte, K; Loison, D; Pruessner, G
27-Jul-2007Quantitative analysis of cell nucleus organisationShiels, C; Adams, NM; Islam, SA; Stephens, DA; Freemont, PS
1-Jun-2008The bacterial type VI secretion machine: yet another player for protein transport across membranesFilloux, A; Hachani, A; Bleves, S
21-Aug-2000Optical Bell measurement by Fock filteringParis, MGA; Plenio, MB; Bose, S; Jonathan, D; D'Ariano, GM