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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2006Spatiotemporal salient points for visual recognition of human actionsOikonomopoulos, A; Patras, I; Pantic, M
2003Adaptive Bayesian networks for video processingLo, BPL; Thiemjarus, S; Yang, GZ
Oct-2006Accuracy-guaranteed bit-width optimizationLee, DU; Gaffar, AA; Cheung, RCC; Mencer, O; Luk, W, et al
30-Sep-2006Machine Learning in Basecalling - Decoding trace peak behaviourThornley, D; Petridis, S
31-Dec-2008Fast and Incremental Method for Loop-Closure Detection Using Bags of Visual WordsAngeli, A.; Filliat, D.; Doncieux, S.; Meyer, J.-A.
1-Sep-2003Using Mixture Covariance Matrices to Improve Face and Facial Expression RecognitionsThomaz, C; Feitosa, R; Gillies, D
14-Nov-2006Pervasive body sensor network: an approach to monitoring the post-operative surgical patientAziz, O; Lo, B; King, R; Darzi, A; Yang, GZ
1-Oct-2003Wordlength optimization for linear digital signal processingConstantinides, GA; Chung, PYK; Luk, W
31-Oct-2004Motion history for facial action detection in videoValstar, M; Pantic, M; Patras, I
1-Feb-2001Object-oriented domain specific compilers for programming FPGAsMencer, O; Platzner, M; Morf, M; Flynn, MJ