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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2006Fully automatic facial action unit detection and temporal analysisValstar, M; Pantic, M
1-Jan-2006Biologically vs. logic inspired encoding of facial actions and emotions in videoValstar, MF; Pantic, M
30-Jun-2006Kernel-based recognition of human actions using spatiotemporal salient pointsOikonomopoulos, A; Patras, I; Pantic, M
1-Jan-2006Real-Time Monocular SLAM with Straight LinesSmith, P; Reid, ID; Davison, AJ
1-Sep-2006ASC: A stream compiler for computing with FPGAsMencer, O
30-Nov-2006Spontaneous vs. posed facial behavior: automatic analysis of brow actionsValstar, M; Pantic, M; Ambadar, Z; Cohn, J
16-Aug-2006Unified Inverse Depth Parametrization for Monocular SLAMMontiel, JMM; Civera, J; Davison, AJ
14-Nov-2006Pervasive body sensor network: an approach to monitoring the post-operative surgical patientAziz, O; Lo, B; King, R; Darzi, A; Yang, GZ
Jun-2006Spatiotemporal salient points for visual recognition of human actionsOikonomopoulos, A; Patras, I; Pantic, M
Oct-2006Accuracy-guaranteed bit-width optimizationLee, DU; Gaffar, AA; Cheung, RCC; Mencer, O; Luk, W, et al