Dickkopf-3 links HSF1 and YAP/TAZ signalling to control aggressive behaviours in cancer-associated fibroblasts

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Title: Dickkopf-3 links HSF1 and YAP/TAZ signalling to control aggressive behaviours in cancer-associated fibroblasts
Authors: Ferrari, N
Ranftl, R
Chicherova, I
Slaven, ND
Moeendarbary, E
Farrugia, AJ
Lam, M
Semiannikova, M
Westergaard, MCW
Tchou, J
Magnani, L
Calvo, F
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Aggressive behaviours of solid tumours are highly influenced by the tumour microenvironment. Multiple signalling pathways can affect the normal function of stromal fibroblasts in tumours, but how these events are coordinated to generate tumour-promoting cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) is not well understood. Here we show that stromal expression of Dickkopf-3 (DKK3) is associated with aggressive breast, colorectal and ovarian cancers. We demonstrate that DKK3 is a HSF1 effector that modulates the pro-tumorigenic behaviour of CAFs in vitro and in vivo. DKK3 orchestrates a concomitant activation of β-catenin and YAP/TAZ. Whereas β-catenin is dispensable for CAF-mediated ECM remodelling, cancer cell growth and invasion, DKK3-driven YAP/TAZ activation is required to induce tumour-promoting phenotypes. Mechanistically, DKK3 in CAFs acts via canonical Wnt signalling by interfering with the negative regulator Kremen and increasing cell-surface levels of LRP6. This work reveals an unpredicted link between HSF1, Wnt signalling and YAP/TAZ relevant for the generation of tumour-promoting CAFs.
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2019
Date of Acceptance: 10-Dec-2018
ISSN: 2041-1723
Publisher: Nature Research (part of Springer Nature)
Journal / Book Title: Nature Communications
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
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Keywords: Science & Technology
Multidisciplinary Sciences
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Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts
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Heat Shock Transcription Factors
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Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein-6
Membrane Proteins
Mice, Nude
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Transcription Factors
Wnt Signaling Pathway
beta Catenin
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Article Number: 130
Online Publication Date: 2019-01-10
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