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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013Design and synthesis of CXCR4-specific tracers for positron emission tomographyAboagye, Eric; Spivey, Alan; George, Guillaume Pierre Charles; Cancer Research UK; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
Dec-2016Investigating the role of TGFB signalling in preantral follicle developmentHardy, Kate; Franks, Stephen; Oliver, Elizabeth Mary; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Aug-2016Strategies for control and elimination of HBV: modelling and economic evaluationThursz, Mark; Hallett, Timothy; Conteh, Lesong; Nayagam, Amanda Shevanthi; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Oct-2016A UPLC-MS based exploration of the xenobiotic and endogenous metabolic phenotypes of pre-clinical models of hepatotoxicityCoen, Muireann; Want, Elizabeth; Nicholson, Jeremy; Grant, Isobelle Jean; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Nov-2017Regulation of cell-type specific enhancers in mouse pluripotent stem cellsAzuara, Veronique; Flanagan, James; Curry, Edward; Bell, Emma; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Mar-2014Electrophysiological investigation of the mechanism of action of xenon on ion-channels and determination of the neuroprotective potential of xenon in an in vivo model of traumatic brain injuryDickinson, Robert; Franks, Nicholas; Armstrong, Scott; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Aug-2013Use of intensity - and spatial-based image descriptors to characterise and quantify neoplastic lesions in positron emission tomographyAboagye, Eric; Turkheimer, Federico; Willaime, Julien Michel Yvon; Cancer Research UK; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
Sep-2013Development of Molecular Probes Responsive to Matrix MetalloproteinasesVilar, Ramon; Aboagye, Eric; Cowell, Sheena; Cancer Research UK; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
Oct-2013Development of novel imaging biomarkers using positron emission tomography for characterization of malignant phenotype and response evaluationAboagye, Eric; Challapalli, Sree Amarnath Rao; Medical Research Council (Great Britain); Cancer Research UK; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Sep-2013Synthesising Nucleoside Analogues For Imaging Proliferation In Cancer And Other Biomedical ApplicationsBarrett, Anthony; Abaogye, Eric; Doepner, Andreas; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Great Britain. Dept. of Health, et al