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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017Aldehyde metabolic reprogramming in oesophageal adenocarcinomaHanna, George Bushra; Antonowicz, Stefan; Imperial College London
Oct-2017Improving the usefulness and use of patient experience feedbackMayer, Erik; Darzi, Ara; Flott, Kelsey Margarett; Imperial College London
Sep-2017The discovery and evaluation of metabolic and epigenetic biomarkers in the diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancerBrown, Robert; Nicholson, Jeremy; Davis, Kayleigh Rebecca; Imperial College London
Dec-2015Characterizing novel molecular mechanisms involved in breast cancer tumourigenesis/progression and tamoxifen resistanceLam, Eric; Khoo, Ui-Soon; Gong, Chun; Univerisity of Hong Kong; Imperial College London
Nov-2014An evaluation of emerging technologies in ENT - virtual reality simulation & robotic surgeryTolley, Neil; Arora, Asit; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Imperial College London
Jul-2018Use of mesenchymal stem cells for preconditioning of kidney grafts in an ex-vivo kidney perfusion modelPapalois, Vassilios; Pusey, Charles; Vallant, Natalie; Imperial College London
Apr-2019The role of bile-metabolising enzymes in the pathogenesis of Clostridioides difficile infection, and the impact of faecal microbiota transplantationMarchesi, Julian; Thursz, Mark; Williams, Horace; Mullish, Benjamin Harvey; Medical Research Council (Great Britain), et al
Jan-2019A prospective longitudinal study of maternal cardiovascular function from pre-conception to post-partum: the CONCEIVE StudyLees, Christoph; Bennett, Phillip; Foo, Fung Lin; Imperial College London; Action Medical Research
Apr-2015The influence of exercise on ulcer healing in patients with chronic venous insufficiencyAslam, Mohammed; Standfield, Nigel; Mutlak, Omar Oubied; Imperial College London