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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018A systems approach to identifying patient safety problems in arterial surgeryBicknell, Colin; Norton, Christine; Vincent, Charles; Cheshire, Nicholas; Lear, Rachael, et al
Nov-2018The impact of cognitive task analysis in orthopaedic trauma and knee surgery simulation trainingGupte, Chinmay M; Bhattacharya, Rajarshi; Bhattacharyya, Rahul; AO Foundation
Sep-2018The impact of temporal stress and cognitive workload on prefrontal activation and technical performance in surgeonsLeff, Daniel; Darzi, Ara; Modi, Hemel
Oct-2018Putting the patient in patient safety: qualitative exploration and co-design of a new paradigmDarzi, Ara; Archer, Stephanie; Long, Susannah; Barrow, Emily
Mar-2018Methods for the capture of circulating tumour cells from blood, and the potential use of circulating biomarkers in the clinical management of breast cancerCoombes, Charles; Yague, Ernesto; Hills, Allison
Jul-2018Use of mesenchymal stem cells for preconditioning of kidney grafts in an ex-vivo kidney perfusion modelPapalois, Vassilios; Pusey, Charles; Vallant, Natalie; Imperial College London
Jul-2018Staging and management of primary and recurrent rectal cancerTekkis, Paris; Brown, Gina; Georgiou, Panagiotis; Pelican Cancer Foundation; Bowel Diseases Research Foundation
Mar-2018The vaginal microbiome in preterm prelabour rupture of the fetal membranesMacIntyre, David; Bennett, Phillip; Marchesi, Julian; Brown, Richard
Oct-2018Unsupervised analysis of mass spectral dataGlen, Robert C; Nicholson, Jeremy K; Inglese, Paolo
Sep-2018The role of asymmetric dimethylarginine in murine pregnancy and its link to pregnancy-induced hypertensionJohnson, Mark; Leiper, James; Georgopoulou, Aikaterini; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)