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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Kinetics and roles of individual TNF receptors in models of acute lung injury in miceTakata, Masao; Dorr, Anthony David Peter; Westminster Medical School Research Trust ; Wellcome Trust
2010The development of FOXM1 as a therapeutic targetLam, Eric; Kwok, Jimmy
2010Metabolic profiling studies of tumour cell phenotypesKeun, Hector; Gooderham, Nigel; Kelaini, Sophia
2010Autonomous navigation for guide following in crowded indoor environmentsYang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara; Ballantyne, James
Sep-2010Chacterisation of desmoids in familial adenomatous polyposisClark, Susan K.; Phillips, Robin; Tekkis, Paris; Sinha, Ashish
Aug-2010Behavioural determinants of parents’ vaccination decisionsVincent, Charles; Sevdalis, Nick; Kroll, John; Brown, Katrina Fiona
Sep-2010Maternal prenatal stress and fetal programming: long term biobehavioural outcomes in the child and potential placental mechanismsGlover, Vivette; O'Connor, Thomas; O'Donnell, Kieran J.; National Institute of Health, the Medical Research Council and The Genesis Research Trust
2010Nutritional modulation of metabolic phenotypesNicholson, Jeremy; Holmes, Elaine; Heinzmann, Silke; Nestle
Dec-2010Nicastrin and the gamma‐secretase complex in breast cancerYague, Ernesto; Buluwela, Laki; Slade, Martin; Rashied, Sabeena Rasul
Aug-2010The Role of Endovenous Thermal Ablation in the Treatment of Varicose VeinsDavies, Alun; Gohel, Manjit; Shepherd, Amanda Claire; Mason Medical Research group and the Royal Society of Medicine