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Sep-2012Advanced methods for mapping the radiofrequency magnetic fields in MRIHajnal, Jo; Padormo, Francesco
Apr-2015Anthropometric and genetic determinants of cardiac morphology and functionCook, Stuart; O'Regan, Declan; de Marvao, Antonio; Medical Research Council (Great Britain); National Institute for Health Research, et al
Aug-2013Behavioural and neuroimaging studies of food reward after bariatric surgery for obesityBell, Jimmy; Goldstone, Anthony; Le Roux, Carel; Scholtz, Samantha; Wellcome Trust (London, England), et al
2012Brain development in fetal ventriculomegalyRutherford, Mary; Thomas, Elizabeth; Kyriakopoulou, Vanesa
Apr-2013The characterisation of a functional interaction between Ikaros and Foxp1 in pre-B-cells and acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaDillon, Niall; Bond, Jonathan
Oct-2013Characterisation of adherent microbubbles for molecular targeted ultrasoundEckersley, Robert; Tang, Mengxing; Casey, Jonathan; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
2012Characterisation of the Haemodynamic Response Function (HRF) in the neonatal brain using functional MRIEdwards, David; Beckmann, Christian; Azzopardi, Denis; Arichi, Tomoki
Jul-2013Cohesin dynamics during meiotic prophaseMartinez-Perez, Enrique; Testori, Sarah; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Jun-2017Collagen & aortopathy gene abnormalities in ehlers danlos syndrome (EDS) & sporadic thoracic aortic aneurysm & dissection (TAAD)Aitman, Timothy; Cheshire, Nicholas; Weerakkody, Ruwan; Wellcome Trust (London, England); National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain)
Oct-2015Computational analysis of firing regularity and burst firing in midbrain dopamine neuronsUngless, Mark; Faisal, Aldo; Iyer, Rajeshwari; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Nov-2017Computational genomics of regulatory elements and regulatory territoriesLenhard, Boris; Tan, Ge
Oct-2015The contribution of the cell cycle to reprogramming and the role of Jarid2 in coordinating Nanog expression and Wnt/PCP signalling in mESC differentiation and early developmentFisher, Amanda; Malinowski, Andrzej; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Sep-2017Coordination between cell size and global gene expressionMarguerat, Samuel; Martínez Segura, Amalia; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Jun-2015DDAH1 and nNOS expression in the ventral tegmental area in relation to dopamine neuronsUngless, Mark; Leiper, James; Kalk, Eliza Alexis; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Jul-2015Deciphering mechanisms of gene regulation through novel strategies for mapping genome architecturePombo, Ana; Dillon, Niall; Beagrie, Robert Alexander
Oct-2018Development of fluorogenic RNA aptamers for cellular imaging of RNA and genomic lociRueda, David; Cawte, Adam David; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Oct-2013Development of LC-MS method and myoblast differentiation model for studying the mechanism of DNA demethylationHajkova, Petra; Turp, Aleksandra; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
2012Development of methods for the study of the role of the Smc5-Smc6 complex in DNA stabilityAragon Alcaide, Luis; Esteras Bejar, Miguel
Apr-2014Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging of in utero and ex utero Human Brain DevelopmentRutherford, Mary; Counsell, Serena; Thomas, Louise; Lockwood Estrin, Georgia; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
2012Disconnection, network dysfunction and cognitive impairment after traumatic brain injurySharp, David; de Boissezon, Xavier; Wise, Richard; Bonnelle, Valerie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 92