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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2014A note on weakly hyperbolic equations with analytic principal partGaretto, C; Ruzhansky, M
26-May-2010A Poincaré inequality on loop spacesChen, X; Li, X-M; Wu, B
-A presentation of the deformed W_{1+\infty} algebraArbesfeld, N; Schiffmann, O
15-May-2014A pseudo-differential calculus on graded Lie groupsFischer, V; Ruzhansky, M
1-Jun-2010A Rigid Analytical Regulator for the K-2 of Mumford CurvesPal, A
-A scattering theory construction of dynamical vacuum black holesHolzegel, G; Dafermos, M; Rodnianski, I
10-Jun-2015A simple construction of the continuum parabolic Anderson model on R-2Hairer, M; Labbe, C
-A solution theory for quasilinear singular SPDEsGerencsér, M; Hairer, M
17-Mar-2017A stable particle filter for a class of high-dimensional state-space modelsBeskos, A; Crisan, D; Jasra, A; Kamatani, K; Zhou, Y
1-Nov-2014A theory of regularity structuresHairer, M
6-Jun-2017Age-related differences in socio-demographic and behavioral determinants of HIV testing and counseling in HPTN 043/NIMH Project AcceptSalazar-Austin, N; Kulich, M; Chingono, A; Chariyalertsak, S; Srithanaviboonchai, K, et al
24-Aug-2018Algebraic families of Galois representations and potentially semi-stable pseudodeformation ringsWang Erickson, C
16-Jan-2018Algebraic renormalisation of regularity structuresBruned, Y; Hairer, M; Zambotti, L
28-Jan-2017All autoequivalences are spherical twistsSegal, EP
18-Apr-2017Almost global well-posedness of Kirchhoff equation with Gevrey dataMatsuyama, T; Ruzhansky, M
1-Jan-2008An $L^2$ theory for differential forms on path spaces. IElworthy, KD; Li, X-M
4-Jul-2018An analyst's take on the BPHZ theoremHairer, M
-An approximation scheme for SDEs with non-smooth coefficientsChen, X; Li, X-M
1-Apr-2008An averaging principle for a completely integrable stochastic Hamiltonian systemLi, X-M
13-May-2016Analytic continuation on Shimura varieties with $μ$-ordinary locusBijakowski, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 464
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